Biscuit ware bottle

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A truly unique, handmade vessel in the shape of a spherical, narrow necked bottle made of the so called biscuit ware; a type of unglazed pottery typical of rural ceramics and earthenware. The bottle comes from the workshop of an eminent Polish potter located in Eastern Poland and was made by hand using potter's wheel and traditional methods and ornaments that have been in use for centuries and are typical of the region. Decorated using a delicate grass pattern, it was kiln fired, once more using fully traditional methods rather than modern electric kilns. The bottom of the bottle bears the potter's mark attesting to its authenticity. 

This beautiful, traditional form will make a spectacular decoration both on its own and in collection, along with other biscuit ware bottles.

Height: 13cm

Width: 15 cm including the handle

Diameter: 12 cm


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