Bed of Roses by Nightingale

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Bed of Roses by Nightingale candles is a truly magical smell. Light a candle, close your eyes and you will be transported to a rose garden. Our carefully chosen blend of purest essential oils combined with pure soy wax will fill your home with the smell of flowers making you feel as if you were walking among the most beautiful of rose bushes.

As is the case with all Nightingale candles, The Bed of Roses is a fully natural product made with pure soy wax and carefully selected pure essential oils along with a cotton wick enclosed in a recyclable glass jar. The candle does not contain any animal tested products or any products coming from animals. It does not contain any parafin, mineral oil derivatives or artificial dyes or scents. Because natural essential oils were used the Bed of Roses candle should not be used during pregnancy, particularly during its first three months. It should also not be used by anyone allergic to the oils used for its manufacture.

The Bed of Roses is a handmade product coming from Poland.

The candle contains 100 grams of wax and will burn for approx. 20 hrs.


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