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Pure jasminum is one of the most beautiful and most populat smells of the warm countries such as France, spain or Morocco. When the blossoming time comes for jasminum, its smell pervades everything: streets, cafes, taxis, and the beautiful woman that has come in it. Young boys in the street sell bunches of jasminum flowers that substitute perfumes, that can be put in your hair or in a box with a gift. The smell of the jasminum candle, even in the middle of the coldes winter, will transport you to the hot streets of Tunisia, will bring back memories, let you feel the same bliss and comfort. The jasminum candle, like all other LUGT candles is a hand made product created with greatest care taken of both quality and environmental friendliness. Only best ingredients were used to make it; ecological, fully renewable soy wax along with natural, cotton wick and top quality scents. Taking care of the enfironment, the whole was enclosed in a metal container that can easily be recycled. High quality of the materials used in their manufacture means that the LUGT candles are also suitable during pregnancy. The candle doesn't contain any animal tested products as well as parafine or artificial dyes. The candle contains 150 grams of soy wax; approximate burning time is 35 hours.

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