Musk and Sandalwood by Lugt

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Musk and sandalwood, a truly beautiful, sensuous smell. A smell that surrounds you with warmth, a smell from the exotic, oriental world. Just think about the Maharaja's gorgeous palace full of luscious fabrics, colours, excuisite gems and this exotic smell hanging heavily in the air. The smell of luxury and harmony... 

Like all the other candles by LUGT, the Musk and Sandalwood candle was made by hand with great care taken about our environment. Only natural ingredients of the highest quality were used: ecological and fully renewable soy wax, high quality scents and a cotton wick. Taking care of the environment, the candle is packed in a fully recyclable metal box. The high quality of materials used means that the candle may also be used during pregnancy.  The candle does not contain parafin or mineral oils as well as artificial colorants or products tested on animals.

The candle contains 150 grams of soy wax. It's approx. burning time is 35 hrs. 


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