Bullrush breadbin

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A beautiful breadbin with a lid, hand plaited in Hungary, made from bullrush; one of the most traditional weaving magerials. The breadbin will not only prove perfect for storing bread or bread rolls but can also make and exquisite decoration in a living room or bedroom and can be used for storing any type of small objects such as sweets or jewellery.  

Bullrush is a traditional plaiting material used all over Europe, suitable for making most types of plaited products starting with furniture through all types of vessels, boxes and containers and ending with clothes and accessories such as hats, slippers or bags. Products made from bullrush are characterised by durability and a good level of longevity and their attractive appearance has recently led to a true bullrush plaiting revival.

The bread bin was hand made in Hungary. 

Height: 22 cm

Width: 26cm

Length: 40 cm 


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