Double weave tapestry "Flower with big blossom"

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" Flower with Big Blossom" or "Flower with a Big Head" to be closer to the original is the name the folk artist gave to her masterpiece. 

It is a unique tapestry made in the rare and extremely difficult, time consuming technique called double cloth or double weave. The cloth was made with utmost precision and love by a renowned folk artist, the winner of the most important award available to folk artist, the Oskar Kolberg prize. The tapestry depicts floral motives though the border part of the cloth depicts a charming selection of flowers too. As all double weave clothes it has a front (positive) and back (negative) side.

The tapestry was made of pure wool in natural colours of light grey and warm white. It will make a perfect decoration hung on a wall in the bedroom or living room or it may be used as a one of its type counterpane.

It might be worth noticing that only precious few weavers through the world have mastered the difficult art of double weave which makes the tapestry even more unique.

The tapestry is dated and signed by the author: year 2017 T.P.


length: 215cm

width: 155cm

Double weave cloth is a characteristic, patterned type of fabric typical of folk weaving of north-eastern regions of Poland consisting of two interwoven layers. They are made with two warps (each of a different colour) and two wefts of corresponding colours. One side of the cloth is always the opposite (negative so to speak) of the other. Double weave tapestry is made by hand on special four heddles looms using a plain weave and pure wool threads.


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