Beaded necklace - Krywulka

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Krywulka is a type of a necklace made from small, colourful beads popular with the Carpatian peoples such as the Łemkos, Bojkas and Hutsuls. The typical form of a Krywulka is a tight fitting band going around one's neck or that of a beaded collar Krywulka to ozdoba na szyję wykonana z paciorków popularna wśród grup etnicznych zamieszkujących Karpaty ( Łemkowie, Bojkowie, Huculi). 

Traditionally, the beads were placed on a flax thread or hempen thread which was later replaced with cotton. Nowadays synthetic threads are used for the sake of their resilience to wear and teat. The skill of making beaded ornaments was passed from generation to generation. The choice of colours and patterns has always depended on the taste and imagination of the artist creating such an ornament though they traditionally corresponded to the traditional embroidery of a given region. 

Before WWII only the afluent ladies could afford a beaded necklace which was usually worn with Sunday shirts and corsets. Today, a beaded necklace compements a simple shirt or black dress beautifully making a truly sophisticated piece of jewellery

Hand made in Ukraine.


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