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NoBoTak, JustSo, is not one of your usual, run of the mill projects. It is a project born from years of fascination, admiration for the talent and work of artisans and folk artists, for the products coming from small, traditional manufactories. Or, should one say, for the small works of art they create. It is a project designed to once more create a bridge between the artisan or artist and his customer, to help protect and nurture traditional and folk arts and crafts. 

It is also a project born from our protest agains the picture of folk art that has, over the time,  been created in the minds of many people who see it as coarse, folksy, cheap, in one word not very attractive. After years of travels all over Poland, of visiting small workshops of weavers or potter, after seeing little hand manufactories producing glass or wickerwork we are full of deepest admiration, we have discovered countrless products of exceptional beauty, sheer perfection and subtlety. Products on one hand traditional, 'true' so to say, on the other astonishingly modern, fully in keeping with the current trends in design, art, fashion or design. Products so much more attractive than the fashionable imports from Scandinavia or Afganistan. 

NoBoTak is a place where we want to show these miracles to you. A unique store born of love and fascination, a store where nearly every product is handmade or, at least, hand decorated, often made in one copy only. And even if it is part of a series, each piece will be slightly different, original, one of its kind as is the case with handicraft. 

fot. Małgorzata Bardoń

Why so? That's simple - Just because (NoBoTak in Polish). Just because. Just because this is the way we like it. Just because these are the things we consider to be most beautiful. We believe you will fall in love with them too. 

It will occassionally happen, that we will fall in love with a product that has been machine made and put it in our store. But only if this product comes from a small company; products from large factories or Chine will simply never appear in our offer. And even those products machine made in small factories will always only make a small percentage of our offer. Maybe five per cent or less. 

In the same way, we feel particular love for things coming from Poland, our homeland. This does not mean we will not occasionally importa a thing of particular beauty from Belarus or Hungary. Sometimes the work of an artisan or folk artist from Hungary or Ukraine is so beautiful we can't resist and we simply must have it in our shop. Still, the vast majority of our products come from Poland and all of them come from Europer, central Europe to be more exact. And it is going to stay this way.


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