Black pottery fruitbowl

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Black pottery is a characteristic type of Hungarian pottery kiln fired over hundreds of years by potters living, among others, in the region of Debrecyn. Nearly forgotten after WW2, it was revived and brought back to its previous glory.

The method of making black pottery is in many respects similar to making Polish grey pottery. In both wet straw is added to the kiln and the airflow is gradually cut off so as to make the smoke penetrate the pores of pottery in the kiln and change its colour. A different method of decorating the dish and different way in which it is prepared for being fired and finally a different way in which the dish is processed after being fired produce radically different results. Different and beautiful. 

This particular fruitbowl was handmade by a Hungarian pottery master. It will make a perfect table decoration and can also be used for serving/displaying fruit. It also has got hooks that make it possible to display the fruitbowl on a wall.

Diameter: 30,5 cm

Thickness: 7 cm


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