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A vintage, handmade tablecloth, about 80 years old. Will be perfect in a dining room. The table cloth is large enough for even a big, family table. It will add splendour to important family celebrations.

The tablecloth is handmade, decorated with a beautifully composed design. A number of techniques were used to give it its beauty; there is bobbin lace ornamentation in the centre and towards the sides. In each corner there is filet lace depicting and angel. Filet lace is also at the sides in the form of a border lace showing roses. There is also Richelieu embroidery and beautiful hemstitch flowers. The whole is completed by surface embroidery showing stems with leaves. The tablecloth comes from a trunk from Eastern Poland.

length: 300 cm

width: 220 cm

The tablecloth was handmade from cotton. It is in very good condition though a discerning eye may find a few tiny spots.

A vintage product is not the same as an old or second hand one though each of them was made at least dozens years ago. A vintage product is one we have chosen among countless similar ones that we deemed not beautiful enough. During each expedition we look not at dozens but at hundreds of rugs, tapestries, tableclothes, laces and other fabulous handmade products stored in the chests in various regions of Poland and Central Europe. In most cases they have never been used (though there are exceptions from this rule) in spite of their age. They come from old dowries, wedding gifts, things left by someone's grandparend or parents. Carefully chosen in the past, in perfect condition and yet they still don't all impress us to the same degree. Not every item that is beautiful or used to be beautiful in the past will charm, enchant us equally. Not every one will fit suit the modern interiors, be in accord with current trends, not every one is made with equal perfection. Every now and then, however, we come across a real gem; a magnificient cotton table cloth orm a tapestry more beautiful than all the others which, even though made 50 years ago hasn't even had a chance to get dusty as it was only taken out of a chest to be aired or to be shown to grand children. It is such treasures, carefully chosen from among hundreds of others that make it to the NoBoTak vintage cathegory. The cathegory of things that are most beautiful and certainly most unique.


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