Grey pottery vase

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A unique, handmade vase in the shape of a pipe or chimney, made of the so called grey pottery characteristic of the eastern regions of Poland as well as of the neighbouring states of Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. The vase comes from the workshop of a folk artist and was made using traditional methods, materials and ornaments. Its characteristic grey colour results from a traditional way of kiln firing in an oxygen depleted atmosphere with reed smoke staining the pottery grey. 

The bottom of the vase bears the potter's mark attesting to its authenticity. 

The vasewas impregnated to make it fully impervious to water which eliminated the effect of sweating characteristic of unglazed pottery. Thanks to this it can easily be used as, for example, a vase for flowers. It should not, however, be used for storing or serving food. 

Wysokość: 22,5 cm

szerokość: 13,5 cm


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